JERUSALEM 2016" Multinational Stamp Exhibition"

Participants - U.S.A, Germany, Hungary, Spain and Israel

November 13-17, 2016, ICC Jerusalem - International Convention Center



Adv. Eli Weber

Members of the Committee

Mr. Mordecai Kremener
Mr. Yigal Nathaniel
Mr. Tibi Yaniv
Mrs. Lilach Gilad
Mrs.Ricki Kissos

       Israel Philatelic Federation
       POB 3301 Tel Aviv 6103201
    Tel: 03-6295547 Fax: 03-5259706

1.     Name and Purpose of Exhibition:
JERUSALEM 2016 Multinational Stamp Exhibition is dedicated to the most popular branches of philately in Israel, with special emphasis on the Holy Land Exhibits. Its aim is to improve the national exhibits by competing with foreign exhibits.
Special invitations to exhibit may be issued for a few exhibitors from other countries than the above mentioned, if their topics are related to Holy Land Philately.

 2.     Place and Date
JERUSALEM 2016  will be held at ICC Jerusalem – International convention Center between 13-17 November 2016

3.     Organizers
JERUSALEM 2016 is organized by the Israel Philatelic Federation and the Israel Post Company /Philatelic Service.

4.     JERUSALEM 2016  will be held according to the following regulations:

4.1. The Israel Philatelic Federation's Exhibitions Regulation.          

4.2. The FIP General Regulations for International Exhibitions and the FIP Regulations for evaluating Exhibits.

5.     Exhibition Classes

5.1. International Competitive class:

5.1.1. Traditional philately

5.1.2. Postal History

5.1.3. Thematic philately

5.1.4. Maximaphily

5.1.5. Literature – This class is open for exhibitors who are   authors, editors or publishers of philatelic literature (on paper, video or computer media).

5.1.6. One-Frame exhibits

5.2. National Competitive Class with all the classes. The National Competition is opened for Israeli exhibitors only.

6.     Exhibitors must be registered in a recognized association

6.1. An Israeli exhibitor who submits a registration form must be a member of the Israel Philatelic Federation.

6.2. An overseas exhibitor may register only through his national federation, except for literature exhibitors and invited Holy Land exhibitors from non- participating countries who must communicate directly with Israel Philatelic Federation.

7.     JERUSALEM 2016  International Class entry requirements- The Exhibition is open to collections that:

7.1. Previously took part in a National Exhibition in the last ten years.

7.2. Have won at least a VERMEIL medal (80 points) at a National, Continental or World Exhibition.

7.3. All exhibits in the literature class must have been published in the last 5 years.

7.4. The commissioner is recommending the admittance of this exhibit.

8.     Participation, application, registration and acceptance confirmation

8.1. Application for participation in JERUSALEM 2016 must be on the enclosed form.

8.2. The registration forms from the National Federations must be sent to the Israel Philatelic Federation no later than May 31, 2016, accompanied by the introduction page of the exhibit. (the date of  submission to the National Commissioners will be determined by the commissioner himself)

8.3.  A separate form must be filled out for every exhibit.

8.4. Individual exhibitors of Holy Land & Israel must send their application forms directly to the I.P.F no later than March 31, 2016 and will receive a letter of acceptance.

9.     Frames
JERUSALEM 2016 will have 300 exhibiting frames which are 96 cm wide and 118 cm high. Each frame contains 16 standard exhibiting pages with a maximum height of 30 cm each.

10.  Size of Exhibits.
The minimum and maximum number of frames for each exhibit in the various competitive classes as follows:

10.1 Exhibits that achieved a vermeil medal -5 frames

        10.2 Large vermeil and higher- 8 frames.

11.  Protection of exhibits
All items must be mounted on light –colored pages protected by transparent protectors. Collections which do not meet these conditions will not be exhibited.

12.  Numbering the exhibits
The pages should be numbered on their back side at the lower left according to the order of their mounting. Collections which do not meet these conditions will not be exhibited.

13.  Exhibiting collections
The Organizers will not allow the exhibitors to dismount exhibits by their own initiative before the conclusion of the Exhibition.

14.  Number of copies in Literature Class
Every exhibitor in the Literature Class must submit to the Israel Philatelic Federation two copies of each exhibit .The 2 copies must arrive before September 31, 2013

15.  Exhibits in the Literature Class will not be returned
Exhibits in the Literature Class will remain at the Israel Philatelic Federation and will not return to the exhibitors.

16.  Participation fees
Participation fees in the various competitive classes as follows:

16.1. Competitive Classes -25US$ per frame

16.2. Literature Class – 25US$

16.3. One Frame Class – 50US$

17.  Payment of participation fees
Participation fee should be paid to the Israel Federation by the Federations, or directly by individual exhibitors, after acceptance. Payment constitute an obligation to exhibit in JERUSALEM 2016 

18.  Delivery of Exhibits

18.1. Accepted exhibitors will receive special envelopes for the delivery of their exhibits, one envelope per frame allocated and the inventory list form.

18.2. Exhibits without those envelopes will not be accepted.

18.3. Exhibitors, who wish to bring their exhibit by themselves, are advised to co-ordinate with their commissioner.

18.4.  Individual exhibitors must bring their own exhibits by themselves to the Organizing Committee and shall receive them back after the closure of the Exhibition.

18.5. The commissioners as well as the exhibits’ owners will have to mount their exhibit themselves, in coordination with the Organizing Committee.

19.  The jury

19.1. The jury for JERUSALEM 2016   will be nominated by the Israel Philatelic Federation

19.2. The Israeli jury will be joined by guest judges from the countries participating in JERUSALEM 2016  as coordinated by the Israel Philatelic Federation

20.  The judging
Judging of the exhibits will be done according to FIP Regulations for judging in International Exhibitions and the Israel Philatelic Federation’s Regulations to Stamp Exhibitions in Israel.

21.  Jury Deliberations
Jury Deliberations will be held in confidence

22.  Jury decisions
The decisions made by the jury will be final and cannot be appealed against.

23.  Evaluation of the exhibits Medals
The Jury will determinate the medal level of all exhibits in competitive classes, as well as the awarding of the prizes, according to FIP Regulations for Stamp Exhibition.
The Organizing Committee will provide the jury with the following medals

23.1. Large Gold (not for National Class)

23.2. Gold

23.3. Large Vermeil

23.4. Vermeil

23.5. Large Silver

23.6. Silver

23.7. Silver Bronze

23.8. Bronze

23.9. Certificates/without medals for ONE FRAME Class

23.10. In One Frame Class, Certificates are available in Gold, Vermeil, Silver and Bronze medal levels.

24.  Certification
Every medal will be accompanied by appropriate certificate

25.  Prizes
The Organizing Committee will provide the jury with special prizes.

26.  Security
The Organizing Committee will make all the necessary arrangements for guarding and protecting the exhibits.

27.  Insurance
 Insurance is the responsibility of the exhibitor and paid by him.

28.  Acceptance of these regulations.
The exhibitor’s signature on the registration form constitutes an explicit acceptance of what is stated in these regulations and binds the exhibitor to act according to the regulations as published in this document.

29.  Change of regulations
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to change these regulations or add new to the existing ones. These changes, which would bind   the exhibitors, would be publicized and brought to their attention as soon as possible.

30.  Name and logo of JERUSALEM 2016
The Exhibition’s name and logo are the sole property of the Organizing Committee and their use is prohibited, unless a written permission is given by the Organizing Committee.

31.  Customs
Customs provisions will be simplified as far as possible and the exhibits from foreign countries will be admitted as temporary imports and are exempt from payment of customs duties

Essential Information

Currency – Israel’s currency is the New Shekel- NIS. The Shekel fluctuates against the US dollar and European and Euro currency. In Dec 2015 the exchange was approx. 1US$ =3.85 NIS

All Major credit cards such Visa, Diner’s Club, American Express, Master Card etc, are honored.  You can pay your hotel, shopping, restaurants and entertainment with your credit card. Traveler’s checks are also honored, but mostly in metropolitan centers, while credit and cash are better for small towns and rural areas.

Taxes – Tourist costs are calculated in dollars. Prices are very much the same all over the country. VAT of 16. % is charged on all purchases and transactions in local currency (except hotel bills paid in foreign currency). You are entitled to a refund of this tax on purchases made on departure.

Customs and duties – Tourist may import duty free into Israel 250 grams of tobacco products (or 10 packs of cigarettes), 2 liters of wine and 1 liter of spirits, as well as gifts totaling no more than 125US$ in value. If you bring expensive or professional video and computer equipment into country, you must report to customs officer at the “Red Line” path in the airport, on entry. A refundable deposit in cash, Traveler’s Checks, or Visa Credit Card is required to ensure that it is not being imported for sale.

Amount of foreign currency and shekels brought into the country is not restricted, but a higher sum may not be taken out. You can reconvert in Ben Gurion Airport up to 5,000.00 US$ worth of Shekels with bank receipt.


Each stand is 2x3 meter size and equipped with 2 counters and shelves, 2 chairs, 2 projectors, 2 wall shelves and 220 volt power outlet.

The sale of not officially recognized postal stamps is not allowed.

Price: 800US$/1500US$ for a single or double stand to be paid no later than August 10, 2016 by checks/ bank transfer (commission and deposit cost will be paid by the dealer) or by PayPal.












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